Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Square D Circuit Breakers

Square D Circuit Breakers are very valuable on the used electrical market. They are great breakers and everyone uses them. When you buy circuit breakers it's important to look at several things.
  1. Condition: are they chipped, broken or have they been in the weather. A breaker can look great but if it came from a flooded area or ocean front after a hurricane then you can have problems.
  2. Accessibility: Can you remove them with ease? Is the power still on? Would you be better off leaving them in the electrical panel and taking the whole thing?
  3. Presell: Do you have a buyer waiting for them. ie. www.southlandelectric.com
  4. Vintage: Do they have completely black faces, label faces, or the newer style computer generated label.

These four helpful hints start you on the process of buying used electrical to sell to dealers.


At 11:09 PM, Blogger Peter Knauf said...

Thanks for some handy tips.I would also like to say some thing regarding it.Never use a counterfeits Square D breakers as the knock-offs will fail to trip when overloads are present.
Square D circuit Breakers


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