Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Allen Bradley Motor Control Centers

The checklist for buying motor control centers is long and varied but here are some to think about.

  1. Establish that although Allen Bradley still makes motor control centers the ones that you are looking at are not new and the price of what they cost new has no bearing on what they are worth now.
  2. Motor control centers are divided in vertical sections with doors on them. You have to open each door and see what type of starter is behind the door. An Allen Bradley size 5 509 starter is worth more than a size 0 or size 1 starter.
  3. You need to know if they have circuit breakers or fuses
  4. The model number is written on the motor control center along with technical information like voltage and amps.
  5. Motor control centers are difficult to remove and can easily be damaged by someone who is not qualified.
  6. Sometimes motor control centers are electrically feed from the bottom.

These are just a few things to think about. Remember If you are buying them you need to look at them before you price them. Everything sounds great on paper until you have to face scratched, dented, or painted motor control centers.


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