Sunday, March 27, 2005

Square D Bus Plugs

The hardest job I've done recently was buying Square D bus plugs. The factory had been shut down for several years and the problem was the county that had the tax liens and the bank that had all the outstanding loans where arguing over who had the right to sell the stuff. I made my deal and I think that the people assumed that there would be no way to get the bus plugs out in the time period that I was given. Bus Plugs are well marked and tell you everything that you need to know on the manufacturers name plate. This involves voltage and amps and whether it has a ground. Usually however the bus plug is ten feet in the air hooked to the busway. This makes it difficult to not only get the information but also to take the bus plugs down. Once you get them down it's fairly simple to crate them and ship them to the buyer. Another way to do it is to sell the busway with the plugs still on and then you take the sections down in without the additional work of taking the plugs off in the air. If you want the quick money you can just take the higher amp bus plugs and leave everything else but if you have the time, sell every thing.


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