Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Allen Bradley Motor Control Centers

I've just bought a bunch of Allen Bradley MCC's and it is an interesting dilemma. Do I take the buckets and the doors or do I take the whole thing. Once again I do not have to load them so it would be easier to take all the verticals but it is not fun to ride down the road with a truck load of verticals. This would be an easier decsion to make make if they where old Westinghouse or GE Motor Control Centers. Fortunately for me they are 509 Starters with Circuit Breakers. A Size 4 Allen Bradley Starter with a 150 amp Circuit Breaker is a nice bucket to sell.
I've got some verticals of Westinghouse Advantage series Motor Control and I've never sold any of these before. They are really good looking with Circuit Breakers as well. The last Westinghouse starters that I sold where the grey faced ones so these newer style should bring a nice price.
I think that I'll take everything it's just easier to give one price and then have a bunch of stuff to sell than cherry pick and not get that extra money


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