Sunday, October 30, 2005

Square d motor control centers

Square d model 5 and square d Model 6 motor control centers played a part in my favorite job. There was plenty of transformers and lots of square d I line panels but the motor control centers are what got me to the job and everything else fell into place. It was in the mountains of Georgia at an old textile mill that was right on the river. It was hot everywhere else and that job came along and it was almost like working in air conditioning. The people were pleasant to deal with and once we agreed on price gave me a key to the plant. There was a restaurant about two miles from the plant that served food so good that it was all I could do not to gain weight on that job. The best part of the deal was buying the used copper which turned out to be a great deal more than anybody suspected and helped pay for the job.
The verticals of Motor control centers had circuit breakers with them which made them more valuable that ones that are fused. It was nice that there where larger starters in the buckets. Not just a line up of size 1 starters but size 4's and size 3's and size 2's unfortunately no square d size 5 starters but you can't have everything. Once I started showing the owner how much stuff he could remove that ran machines that where no longer there I realized that I had ran into a treasure chest of used electrical. I wish I had one a month like that.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Used Electrical Web Sites

It's interesting to see all the sites that are popping up as resellers of used electrical. Circuit Breakers get a huge paid ad content on google, yahoo, and msn search. What has become so interesting is the people who do not have big inventory but sell out of the other companies. If you can get the customer then you can find the breakers and make the money. So more people are creating sites that have incredible web abilities but no actual inventories.
The other trend seems to be starting new web sites that have the same parent company but do not clearly say this. I think this is to get more organic search hits and to make themselves look more popular with the search engines through a linking strategy.
These are all neat ways of making money but if you're buying or selling used electrical the web site should not be the deciding factor for buying. Do they warranty there product? How long have they been in business? Do they have knowledgeable salesmen and and a good price?
All in all Buying used circuit breakers and starters is a tricky business but it doesn't have to be. Find out how long they've been in business and if they guarantee there work I think that it will be worth the effort.